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Become a world class public speaker

By the end of the training, the participant will be able to:


  • Evaluate his personal speaking skills
  • Understand the effect he has on others
  • Succeed in different types of oral communication
  • Use breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Play with his voice and facial expressions
  • Use and manage silence efficiently
  • Control his attitude and stance
  • Project himself
  • Develop his strengths and minimize his weaknesses


For whom?


Everyone who wants to deliver an outstanding speech in English




This training does not require any prior qualification or experience


Training period – 2 days – 14 hours


Classroom training


Trainer profile


Behavioral and communication expert




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The speech that made Obama President



J'ai fait une présentation lundi dernier devant 200 personnes, c'était un sacré exercice, j'ai été très aidée par ce que j'ai appris en formation « Public Speaking - Become a world class speaker ».

Merci encore, Sophie