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Become a world class public speaker

Training program


  • Communication style and image self- diagnosis
  • Speech preparation: the audience, the core message, objectives, call to action
  • Content and form
  • Verbal and non- verbal language
  • Posture, movement and behaviour
  • Emotional connection
  • Storytelling
  • Stage-frights mastery


Learning assessment


Quiz – Role Play with an evaluation form 


Learning by playing, original and interactive « Playing & suggesting, acting differently »


Games-Exercises-Case studies -Role Play-Videos- debate-group debriefing

Slideshow projection




Power posture - Verbal and non-verbal language – 6 questions – 4 C rules – stage-fright tools 

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The speech that made Obama President



J'ai fait une présentation lundi dernier devant 200 personnes, c'était un sacré exercice, j'ai été très aidée par ce que j'ai appris en formation « Public Speaking - Become a world class speaker ».

Merci encore, Sophie